Discussions with stakeholders highlighted the shortfall in affordable rental accommodation in the Cranleigh area for healthcare workers, leading to possible difficulties in both the recruitment and retention of staff.

To overcome this, an accommodation block on the Knowle Lane site with 26 affordable units is proposed. This accommodation will be made available to anyone working in healthcare locally.

This is a similar arrangement to the staff accommodation which exists at the RSCH site in Guildford, where nursing and auxiliary staff are given the opportunity to live on the RSCH campus. This reduces travel time and costs, whilst providing staff with modern, affordable accommodation.

“Our close liaison with CVHT over recent years, regarding strategic health-related facilities in Cranleigh, both at Knowle Lane and Cranleigh Village Hospital, has been most valuable, not least in helping us appreciate more fully the potential for strategic investment to better meet the needs of local people. Our staff face real challenges in finding affordable accommodation in Surrey, so the proposed healthworker accommodation unit is very welcome.” Giles Mahoney, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, and Dr Andrew Carne, Director of Clinical Information at RSCH


Photo: Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care